Look how much we usually spend on fees!

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Currently we are buying, selling and swapping cryptocurrencies using FTX exchange and sometimes Binance. FTX is our first choice because of the best fees on the spot market and smooth interface. 

FTX allows to trade crypto without KYC and withdrawal limit is $2000 in crypto/day. 

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There is a huge range of choices on perpetual and futures leveraged markets. 

Which leveraged exchange is the best to generate profits?  

1. Overall the cheapest one currently is BitMEX. Reason? They want to get back to the business. Former perpetual contracts leader fights to be on the top again. They are making... slow progress. Too slow for now.

2. Phemex has not changed fees like more exchanges yet. If you use a lot maker orders you will get a lot of rebates using this exchange!

3. Binance exchange for perpetuals is also cool, sometimes a bit complicated as there is too many options and KYC required.

4. ByBit is the king of promotions! If you want to get extra $ for a new deposit they give the highest bonuses. Fees fair enough, easy interface, ByBit is must have!

5. PrimeBit is the ace in the sleeve. MT5 platform plus X200 leverage but we use it only for special market fluctuations ( a few times in the year). They are still tiny, watch out.

6. FTX has the best offer on the spot market and crypto-crypto. We are waiting for more discounts on perpetuals and futures. We use it also as we do love their simply interface.