30 Days LIVE Crypto Portfolio Challenge! 

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We push all orders in Portfolio Perpetuals through Bybit exchange to get the best service for quite low fees. Our favorite exchanges are compared by fees here.

Today we decided to merge Portfolios B C D and E into one to provide you with a better picture of what we are doing. From now on we call it - Portfolio Perpetuals. 

Rules for trading at Perpetuals:

1. We always use perpetual contracts with USDT as it is much easier to count this way and keep it in control.

2. Always SL and TP are a must!

3. Good idea is to create a new account and send there the exact amount in USDT. Just in the case. For instance, for one trade with a max loss 200USDT, we need 200USDT, for two traders with a max loss of 200USDT we need 440USDT, and for a tree around 660USDT just in the case of being liquidated.

4. To avoid liquidation - SL should be set via mark price! You can do it via market price in the case when SL is far away from liquidation price.


5. We will add more practical clues soon so stay tuned! 


Risk warning: These portfolios have been started on 25.04.2022 and will be continued at least for the next 30 days. Keep in mind we run this challenge only for educational reasons. Please do not copy these trades as a leveraged investment in cryptocurrency is dangerous and can lead to the loss of your entire investment. Ministry of Margin Trading Team does not advise and has no this type of professional license. If you need a piece of advice on how to trade please contact your bank or someone with an appropriate license :)


Introduction: Our 30 Days Crypto Portfolio Challenge Explained

To be more serious, we will upload all intended trades before execution here on this page. At the same time or even a few minutes before We will try to record a short video with explanations of what is the idea for today and what happened with previous trades. 

This 30 Days Challenge is our response to many of your e-mails regarding risk management among crypto investments. We decided to create 5 different portfolios from A do E.

Most of these trades will be executed through our private accounts. We do take care! This portfolio challenge has also some kind of limitations, please be aware. 


A is just holding, B, C, and D use maximum X25 leverage and $100 max loss per trade. Account E is extreme with no limits just in the case of specific market conditions. 

We start with a $50,000 investment shared into portfolios A B C D and E.

A starts with $25,000,   Value can multiply and also can get a significant drop

We will buy here cryptocurrencies on spot exchange with no leverage.

B starts with $8,000, max loss of $200 per single trade

Every day we will add new trade with more than 4:1 risk to reward ratio (smaller profits and easier to close at Take Profit). Smaller victories and biggest losses when hit Stop Loss

C starts with $8,000, max loss of $200 per single trade

Every day we will add new trade with risk to reward ratio from 3:1 up to 1:3 (more similar to a coin toss)

D starts with $8,000, max loss of $200 per single trade

Every day we will add new trade with more than 1:4 risk to reward ratio (much bigger potential profits but easier to close at Stop Loss). Smaller losses in comparison to a great victory

E starts with only $1,000, max loss is $1000 per single trade.

This one-time shot will be extremely risky. We use this extreme strategy in very rare market circumstances. For instance, the market will drop 20% in a few hours, and then can be a fast possibility of a rebound with leverage from X25 to X200! So risky and only for very experienced traders who can feel the momentum. Smash the notification button on our YouTube channel to be immediately updated when it happens!



Portfolio limitations

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