ByBit calculator for profits (P&L), leverage, liquidation price, margin for long and short positions (in Excel spreadsheets)


This ByBit calculator allows you to count and predict everything you need. It was built by experts from Ministry Of Margin Trading Team - traders who use ByBit exchange every day! It is free for everybody! Video instruction.

You must input exactly 4 data about your intended or actual trade like:

1. Quantity - trade value in USD. The number of contracts that you are going to open (this is the size of your position in USD). The increasing amount is a figure that enlarges the required deposit. Do not put here BTC price. 

2. Leverage level you want to use. The high level here like X25-X100 makes your liquidation price very close to the entry price! Avoiding liquidation is our main thing as it costs a lot. 

Lower leverage means you do not risk so much. Please consider:

x50 up to 100 - extremely risky = do not be so stupid to use this level, please

x10 - leverage is risky and very popular among traders with less experience

x1-5 -  this leverage is chosen often by experts 

3. Entry price - insert here what price you what to jump into the market. Using limit orders ByBit will pay you a rebate 0.025%*Quantity. When you use market fast execution they will charge you (0,075% * Quantity). More about ByBit fees you will find here.

4. Exit (closing) price simulate how your profits will look like if you close your trade at this price.

This ByBit calculator is our response to many traders' asks as they are very confused trying to use Bybit's web-based calculator.

Keep in mind to change ONLY blue cells and the rest you will see automaticly

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Last update 21/10/ 2021

This file is safe 100% to download. Do not download this file from other websites!

Explained: How to use our ByBit profits fees and leverage excel calculator when you download a spreadsheet.

You will get a lot of information about your trade like:

a) Margin (deposit in BTC) taken

b) Margin taken in USD

c) Trade value in BTC

d) BTC price change in % (entry vs exit)

e) Trade result in BTC (P&L)

f) Trade result in USD (P&L)

g) Result on BTC used as a deposit

h) TOTAL TRADE PROFIT IN USD (very important)

i) New BTC balance

j) New USD balance

k) ROE %

l) LIQUIDATION PRICE (the most important)



Believe us or not, but we receive at least one fat "thank you" every day. It is for FREE.

To be 100% satisfied, it is recommended to read the instruction at the bottom or watch the video.

Video: How to use our ByBit profit calculator?

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