Who We Are and what we do?

MinistryOfMarginTrading TEAM

We are 100% independent traders from different countries and we trade together as a lifestyle. All of us have been trading Bitcoin for a living at least since 2017.

Most of us have strong financial backgrounds. 

In the meantime, we try to help less-experienced traders when we wait for a market opportunity and the best volatility to trade. This is how this website was created:)

No previous experience in web developing:)

Currently,  MinistryTeam trades in Asia as we follow an idea to trade and travel around the globe! In July we hope to move to South Korea:)

To clarify: MinistryTeam don't work for BitMEX but we think that currently, it is still the best trader's choice for professional leveraged Bitcoin trading.

We want success for you and we wish you profitable trading.


What do we can do for you?

When we trade on  BitMEX exchange we usually only wait for opportunities by monitoring the Bitcoin market. Therefore, we have some time to help other traders who have opened a BitMEX account via our affiliate link.


The only requirement is to report via email within 5 minutes of opening an account. Just write something like: " I do trade with you".


What are we helping with?


1. We explain how the BitMEX platform works in detail and with examples.

2. We are making all our own BitMEX's mistakes clear, to keep you safe.

3. We propose an investment strategy depending on your goals

4. Sometimes we send out a message that we are taking a trade.


What can you do?


Once you have created a BitMEX account, please email us what your goals are. This is the key because it all depends on how much capital you have, how much money you want to make, a strategy you think to use, and the time perspective. Please determine if you want to receive emails as well.


When we receive this message, we will respond to you (within a maximum of 3 working days), what we would do in your shoes and what currently works for us. Perhaps someone in the Team will have similar goals to yours. We will do our best!


Important! If you use your link to register, it is obvious that we want you to earn as much money as possible, because thanks to affiliation we get a fraction of fees, you sometimes pay. Sounds okay?


I already have an account!


If you already have an account, we can manage paid skype chats and online training in the form of Webinar. Check when is the next one or just immediately book skype chat for 1 hour.


When do we trade? Usually:

9 am to 9 pm Tokyo time

1 am to 1 pm London time

8 pm to 8 pm New York time


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             Contact us via e-mail: 


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