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MinistryOfMarginTrading TEAM -
                Who We Are? 
We are 100% independent traders from different countries and we trade together as a lifestyle. All of us have been trading Bitcoin for a living at least since 2017.
Most of us have strong financial backgrounds. 
In the meantime, we try to help less experienced traders when we wait for a market opportunity and the best volatility to trade. This is how this website was created:)
No previous experience in web developing:)
Currently,  MinistryTeam trades in Asia as we follow an idea to trade and travel around the globe! In July we intend to fly to Japan.
To clarify: we don't work for BitMEX but we think that currently, it is the best trader's choice for professional leveraged Bitcoin trading.
PS. We want good for you and we wish you successful trading.
              Contact us via e-mail: 
What is your question? Tell us what we should add to the website. Thank you!
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