Learn how to trade and manage crypto portfolios in detail. Online training is a form of webinar for beginners & advanced traders. 9-10 may 2022

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Ministry of Margin Trading Team conducts basic and advanced training (online Webinars) concerning leveraged crypto investments. You will find here all the educational materials and the necessary knowledge to start and generate profits on crypto.


Everything you need! During and after Webinars you can always ask questions to make sure you understand them correctly. Learn crypto's secrets!

Crypto with Ministry Current Webinars:


We prepared 3 online Webinars on how to trade Crypto:


1.     “Crypto not only for newbies” – dedicated to beginners but also for intermediate users

2.     “Psychology of investment” – for everybody. You can know a lot, be smart and still lose on BitMEX because you are driven by your emotions.

3.     “Crypto - advanced strategies” –how to maximize profits and beat other traders. 

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A lot of traders start to trade on BitMEX without the essential knowledge and strategy. They pay a lot for this mistake. Sometimes they think they know better as they had traded somewhere else but BitMEX is so different. You read at Reddit that some trader called BitMEX a scam. Why? Because he doesn’t understand the basic rules. We recommend that you first learn everything so that you do not complain later.


If you are serious about investing and struggling with how to make profits on BitMEX this investment training is a must. You must reserve several hours and start learning FIRST, otherwise with a probability of 99% you will lose your deposit. We talk a lot with trades and we know the reality. It would be like driving a car with your eyes closed. Please don't do it.

1.     Webinar online training: “Crypto not only for newbies” 9 May 2022, 10:00 (UTC time)


BitMEX gives us an amazing service and a platform full of advanced features and opportunities. On the other hand, it is easy to lose invested money if you are not fully aware of all the traps and details on Bitmex platform like trading from charts, all kinds of futures products and perpetual contracts, computing: profits, PNL, fees, and the difference between market/limit/post-only/reduce-only/stops orders, then: leverage, liquidation price, downtime or system is currently overloaded and many more.


After this training you can teach your friends as you will deeply understand:


Part one – 70 minutes

-        What is margin trading in general? How does leverage work?

-        What are futures and perpetual contracts at BitMEX?

-        How to short Bitcoin and other cryptos?

-        How to set and use BitMEX platform?

-        How to use our BitMEX calculator in excel to calculate ROE and P&L?

-        What leverage should I use and what is margin cross.

-        How to make a decision when opening a trade?

-        How to open & close trades with the best cost-effective order?

-        When using a market order, limit order, post-only, reduce-only?

-        How to set up stop-loss correctly? How to protect capital?

-        How to trade from BitMEX charts?

-        What is the liquidation price on BitMEX and how to avoid this?


                                                        Break: 15 minutes


Part two – 45 min


-        5 most common BitMEX mistakes

-        How to trade other contracts: ETH, EOS, BCH, TRX, LTH, XRP, and ADA?

-        What can we read from an order book?

-        What other Bitcoin exchanges should we watch?

-        How to manage your capital, how much to invest?

-        How to look for the best strategy?

-        How to develop traders’ skills


                                                           Break: 5 min


Part three – up to 30 min

Questions and answers

Feel free to ask about everything you learn during classes.


Price: Free for everybody! 

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Max. number of participants: 50



2. Webinar online training “Psychology of investment” – for everybody 9 May 2022, 12:00 (UTC time)


A lot of people don’t see or neglect the importance of psychology in investing. We can compare trading Bitcoin to playing poker. You choose the stake on the table, you can double when you lose, or you can fold. You can win one, two, or three times in a row if you are just lucky but in a longer time perspective only traders with the best psyche win.


If you are a beginner for you all these feelings can be new and yes, in general trading can be very stressful. If you are investing with a plan and powerful strategy respecting all money management secrets you are not feeling like risking. You will see where the border between gambling and investing is.


Part one – 60 minutes

-        Why is trading like heroin?

-        Why do so many traders disregard the psychology of investments?

-        Why you cannot be a trader without knowing psychological rules

-        How dangerous it is to make money by accident?

-        How much does a good trader earn per month?

-        TOP 5 the most common trader mistakes

-        Keeping a journal of emotions and investments

-        Unfortunate hour… when can you lose everything?

-        What are the mental features and habits of the earning trader?

-        Gambling vs Investing – where is the border?

-        Money management – how much to invest?

-        What do you need to change to become a successful investor?


                                                 break: 15min 


Part two – 30 minutes

Questions and Answers

And case study from real life: Two years of winning and five years of losing - a guy who lost a house because of trading


Price: 0,0025 BTC

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Max. number of participants: 20 seats



3. Webinar online training “BitMEX - advanced strategies” – how to maximize profits and beat other traders - 10 May 2022, 10:00 (UTC time)

This is a key training when you are familiar with BitMEX orders, platform, and psychology. This is the final step. BitMEX is a p2p exchange when you invest against another trader! You win in China somebody loses in Singapore etc. You can’t use the same technical analysis patterns as everyone from the mainstream to be profitable. You need to find a unique strategy and this training will open your eyes to how to do it. You will never earn if you watch and read the same news as everybody. We will demonstrate several still working BitMEX strategies on how to generate profits.


"You don’t have to predict where BTC price is going, you must know the price... in advance" – this is the mother of all strategies.


Part one – 90 minutes (showing examples on BitMEX platform)

-        How to find an optimal and unique strategy at BitMEX?

-        How to scalp at BitMEX platform?

-        How to compare Bitcoin prices at different exchanges?

-        The best ways to earn on calendar hedging using BitMEX platform

-        How to quickly check your new strategy?

-        How to earn during massive liquidations?

-        Where should I insert the stop-loss order and where to take profit?

-        The best futures on BitMEX to earn

-        How to do 5% in 5 seconds with low risk?

-        How to take advantage of BitMEX funding rate?

-        How to recognize fake and hidden orders?

-        How to correctly read order books to extract maximum data?


                                                          break: 15min


Part two – 30 minutes

Questions and Answers


Price: 0,005 BTC

Book now by e-mail: MinistryOfMarginTrading@gmail.com

(You will receive your private BTC address for payment and the link to join us)

We use GoToWebinar software. Make sure your internet is fast enough. 

Max. number of participants: 10 seats


The founders of Ministry of Margin Trading 2006 have been investing in financial markets from stocks through Forex to Bitcoin with leverage on BitMEX exchange. Trading on this platform is a mixture of stocks trading (you can see full order books) and Forex trading (as high leverage as possible). We loved BitMEX as this is a p2p exchange: you win when another trader loses. BitMEX just matches traders. At Forex you are literally betting against the broker, on BitMEX you must be smarter than other traders. 


To make it more interesting when you ask somebody from the Forex industry about BitMEX trading they think that it is the same, but even experienced Forex traders have a problem with understanding all the BitMEX details. Forex brokers are always market makers when BitMEX is a p2p exchange.

And be careful:


We have conducted many searches on Google like “full guides and tutorials on how to start trading at BitMEX” and we read 20 of the most popular websites/articles about BitMEX. The first half of these articles were written by copywriters who have no idea how to trade and their job is just to use keywords that are ranked higher by Google. The second half is mostly done by affiliates (again not necessary by BitMEX traders) on how to want you to click their affiliate link and open an account at BitMEX with a 10% discount. It is ok but what do they offer you in return? 5-10 min article or video on how to open a trade by…market order – what is more profitable for them. In our opinion, it is not fair. We want our traders to make as high profits as possible.  


Even Einstein would have a problem with investing at BitMEX without training at first. At the same time, you don’t have to know everything, we focus on the most useful and always practical cases and examples.