Portfolio E is managed by Ministry Team. 1000 USDT & max 1000USD per trade. Max leverage up to x200, TP is a must! Super high risk, very short SL. Only perpetual. Start 25.04.2022 17.00UTC

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A few time per year there is some kind of possibility. For 99% we will not use this one time shot during our 30 days Portfolio challenge. This is extremely dangerous and we use it after huge declines (30-40%) trying to find momentum during the turning second. Yes, just a second!. At least 3 years of trading experience required. 

If we use it for sure we record it! 

Even experienced traders have a huge problem to get it. Huge stress, 1000USD ready to lose in a few seconds.

General idea is to observe with group of people a few screens with quotation from many major spot exchanges. When Bitcoin is bleeding like 30-40% in 48h all of them fall down like crazy until one of the exchanges is saying: enough we are going back!  

This portfolio is a joke xD 

Risk warning: These portfolios have been started on 25.04.2022 and will be continued at least for the next 30 days. Keep in mind we run this challenge only for educational reasons. Please do not copy these trades as a leveraged investment in cryptocurrency is dangerous and can lead to the loss of your entire investment. Ministry of Margin Trading Team does not advise and has no this type of professional license. If you need a piece of advice on how to trade please contact your bank or someone with an appropriate license :)