• Sophie M

Scalping on Bitmex

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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I want to scalp on Bitmex!

Let's suppose your whole capital to invest is worth 4BTC. We recommend not to send to Bitmex more than 25% of this amount in total. This is trading - everything can happen.

Money management is the key to success on leveraged exchange.

How much should I deposit to Bitmex? 1BTC? Divide it by 20 !! So in the case of scalping it would be 0,05BTC for a day. Withdraw profits! Especially now when Bitcoin market is really crazy!

This an example. You start your trading day slowly, not too much quantity. If it goes well you can risk more. Keep in mind that currently Bitcoin volatility is extremely high and Ministry Of Margin Trading recommends to use max X5 leverage if you are not a professional trader.

If you trade a lot volume you may be interested in BitMEX fees discount coupon for the next 6 months. This is a dream come true for scalpers

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Here an example of how we trade (scalp) Bitcoin perpetual contracts using PrimeBit exchange: +100% in 3,5h 0.04 ----> 0.08 dolar by dolar