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Anonymous and legit Bitcoin leveraged trading explained using and

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Bitmex & LocalBitcoins combined to give 100% legit anonymity to trade cryptocurrency with X levearage.

In two steps we explain how to buy or sell (trade) Bitcoin (using leverage or not) anonymously. Finnish p2p Bitcoin exchange is a place where you can online buy or sell Bitcoins trading with another trader without verification, ID, and KYC.

Step A: How to quick buy/sell Bitcoins at LocalBitcoins and stay anonymous and legit? (guide)

1. Open an account with providing your e-mail.

2. Search for experienced (+100 trades) and trusted trader offering sell BTC in your country

or via fiat currency. Find who accepts national bank transfer (I don't recommend PayPal, especially to transfer larger amounts). Do you own research. Every trader at LocalBitcoin has trust score given by community similar to Amazon and eBay.

3. Check carefully in trader’s description if he allows to trade Bitcoins without verification (no documents and ID needed)

4. Choose the lowest price and select the exact amount of BTC you would like to buy

5. Click request deal and read a message from the seller

6. When he accepts your offer requested amount of BTC will be held by LocalBitcoins as the third party in a safe escrow model.

7. After he accepts your offer, you must send him fiat money on provided bank account details (earlier you have to be sure that he will receive this amount in few minutes not to make a deal too complicated!)

8. Send him a message: "Please check your account I have already sent you cash, could you release me BTC?"

9. Send received BTC from LocalBitcoin wallet to your Bitmex deposit address

10. Start trading at Bitmex

11. Withdraw your Bitmex profits into your LocalBitcoin BTC address (every time LocalBitcoin gives you a new BTC address)

12. Find experienced buyer (+100 etc.), request a deal, wait for money into your bank account and on the end click release BTC

This is the way when you are legit being anonymous from beginning to the end! And you can trade Bitcoins with leverage. Keep in mind to trade with the best traders and remember that large deal is better to divide into several smaller to reduce the risk of a scam.
Using LocalBitcoins is quicker and safer to sell BTC than buy it.
Don’t worry in the worst scenario you will show to LocalBitcoins evidence that you had sent cash, and they should release you kept BTC soon, even if the trader doesn’t respond e-mails.

STEP B: Register Bitmex account with fee discount

You can register a free Bitmex account just by providing the following details:

1. Your e-mail (you can create dedicated one just for this Bitmex account)

2. Name and surname (I wouldn’t try Miki Mouse but filled with something)

3. Your nationality (Bitmex restricted trading in a few countries)

At Bitmex you deposit BTC, you trade using BTC (at all futures and perpetual contracts), and you are able to withdraw only BTC as well.

Bitmex does not intend to check you or send tax information about your account nowhere because they do not have any details about you and they do not know who you are. Paying needed taxes is your own duty, you should count your results in a specific period and send the report to the institution in your country which dealing with investments or financial profits. Search on google and learn before you start how you to pay taxes in your country earing on cryptocurrencies and leveraged futures derivatives.

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