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Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Bitmex - Reddit reviews and opinions are often write by newbies and traders. A Good guide is that in total r/BitMEX community at Reddit has 2300 subscribers and on-line is usual from 40 up to 100 users. It is very small group comparing to Bitmex active traders which MinistryofMarginTrading estimates about tens thousands. Many similar posts make hard to find correct answers and good reviews but in our opinion Reddit is perfect place for beginners to get fast reviews about Bitmex. You have to clear explain what you want to know. At Reddit, Bitmex support is also present as a group moderator and sometimes answer asked questions. This is newbies paradise.

The problem is when you search on Reddit r/BitMEX and you need more then review or ask two questions. If you want to find and build your own profitable strategy or make your Bitmex education 100% completed. Therefore, MinistryOf MarginTrading created this website to make it easier if you want to own deep knowledge and start making profits at Bitmex.

We added new on-line Webinars about Bitmex for newbies, intermediate and advanced traders:

1. How to use Bitmex platform?

2. Psychology as a key to generate profits at leveraged markets.

3. Bitmex advanced profitable strategies

We hope your participants will appreciate that we show all spectrum of Bitmex reviews - full guide + all pros and cons. You can also ask us via skype or e-mail.

Conclusion: Reddit r/Bitmex group is a perfect tool for new starters and intermediate traders if you have 2-3 questions how to but If you want to start think about earning - We want to invite you here as this website is dedicated for Bitmex traders.

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4. Training and Webinars: Bitmex starter, psychology of investment and advanced strategies.

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