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All BitMEX user emails have leaked out into the public. Is Bitmex hacked?

It looks like all BitMEX exchange user e-mails have leaked out into the public today on 1 Nov 2019 Is Bitmex hacked?

It looked like BitMEX got hacked, but eventually, it will land on a human error, an error in the email system. Are my BTC save?

Today, BitMEX exchange sent information to all users about the upcoming update of indexes on 22 Nov 2019.

And here a very big problem arose because in this e-mail we see e-mails of other users to whom such information was sent!

Check if you have received such an e-mail from BitMEX and if you can see the data of other users, they can also see your private e-mail address, which you log in to BitMEX.

Usually, BitMEX users hold significant amounts of Bitcoin on their accounts, sooner or later your email account may be sophisticatedly and insidiously attacked by hackers.

BitMEX accounts are a perfect target because our BTC accounts can be withdrawn in a few minutes so surely such attempts will be made. When hacking into your mail, hackers may also be interested in your other money or cryptocurrencies.

Of course, all accounts with 2FA are much more secure, but there are also ways for such accounts, so it is best to create a new BitMEX account using a new email address to protect your privacy and your money.

If you have an associated email with something valuable like credit cards or other accounts, then it's also worth changing it. It is still a very good leveraged exchange but it is better to be safe.

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