Bitmex In USA June 2020 - Is Legit To Use VPN?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Bitmex for USA citizens is suspended to trade. This exchange is not regulated and you are not allowed to trade on Bitmex under local law. It means that Bitmex is not 100 % legit in the USA. Everyone who registers Bitmex account using USA IP address will open an account but cannot trade as trading on such account is instantly and permanently restricted.

But there is a solution...?

In this case, you can only see the interface of Bitmex platform, their live orderbook and the last trades. Unfortunately, every time you want to connect with Bitmex platform it is recommended to use VPN because once you try to log in with USA IP and your Bitmex account can be banned forever. It shouldn’t happen but it can. The most important is to register Bitmex account using VPN.

What can I do to trade on Bitmex exchange living in States?

We know that Americans use VPN servers on their computers and then open accounts pretending that they are residents of another country, for instance, United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada. VPV cost is about $5 for a month. Due to American local law, we do not recommend using a VPN, but we know that thousands of Americans trade on Bitmex without any problem as they using VPN servers, especially during registration on Bitmex exchange.

Bitmex CEO, Artur Hayes is a US citizen who lives in Hong Kong, and what is more, he is frequently invited as a Bitcoin expert to USA television channels like CNBC.

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