• Sophie M

BitMEX vs Deribit - Bitcoin arbitrage? How to do it?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We could notice a massive 10% Bitcoin price drop today and currently, Bitcoin futures price expiring on 27Sep is different on BitMEX and Deribit. We can consider doing arbitrage. The difference is more than $100. Watch our video tutorial below:

Deribit: $8000 vs BitMEX: $8100

This is exactly the same Bitcoin future contract expiring on 27sep 2019.

Game plan:

Let's suppose you own 2BTC: 1BTC on BitMEX and 1BTC on Deribit exchange.

Leverage: 1:5

Deribit: long $40000 worth contracts futures Sep27

BitMEX: short $40000 worth contracts futures Sep27

Your liquidations prices should be around: $6600 and $9800 so it looks like We have enough time to close these trades when prices will match again.

All we have to do is wait and keep an eye on these trades and finally close it.

Expected profit: $500 from invested $16,000. Is it worth to take a risk?

UPDATE: 15 hours later: BitMEX 7780USD vs Deribit 7830USD. The difference reduced from 100USD to 50USD. :)))

More details in a video guide (tutorial) how to do arbitrage between Bitmex and Deribit exchanges:

The last remaining question is how long we have to wait for the prices match again!

Good luck!