Cost of use Bitmex leverage to buy/sell Bitcoin?

Updated: May 31

Futures leveraged trading on Bitmex is in general: free of costs. It means that you pay just trading fees. Traders familiar with Forex MT4 platform have to pay swap points but Bitmex does not charge swaps! Feel free to use high leverage like 1:25 or 1:50 without additional hidden commissions.

Confusing for beginners can be funding rate managed every 8 hours on Bitmex platform but this funding amount is p2p payment what means Bitmex earns on it nothing. Sometimes traders keeping short pay long, sometimes long pays short and the rate is changing but is fair.

Comparing Bitmex to leading platform like Bitfinex it is cheaper. You can trade with max leverage:

Bitcoin perpetual x100

Bitcoin futures x100

Ethereum perpetual x50

Ethereum futures x50

Litecoin futures x33

Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, EOS Token, Tron, Ripple futures x20

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