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How to join the 10% investors elite, which earn money every single year with no risk?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

This is free article, but I will show you a lot of examples and give you clues on how to find similar trade occasions. Of course, nobody gives you earning strategy for free or for 200$. This is not the next: "I earn 5000$ daily now is your turn (...)" That is why I'll guide you with only interesting clues.

The fact is that in long term (years) 90% of investors lose money (forex, stocks, crypto, signals, money management). Why? Because they are in fuck'n mainstream mindset. They are fed with the same “news” and they are so naive that their thoughts (predictions) are worth more than others. I know the same that everybody knows, but I am smarter…because..mmmm I don't know. Because. Yes, you are the next fuck'n moron.

You can be lucky for 2 months but in the long period, don’t worry - club “90%” will invite you for the loser’s party. This is ridiculous. 90% of investors just like brag to friends: “You know I own Mc Donalds’ shares, a few Bitcoins and currently I shorted DAX index with 1:100 leverage, you know…” Don’t worry mate! You lose, or you earn, you can still call yourself an investor instead of a gambler or loser. This is an amazing excuse, isn’t it?

I Recently passed 10 years of my investing and I calculated all profits and losses. I came to conclusion that I am down whenever I want to predict market direction (up or down) – all kind of assets. Of course, I earned 5 figures than I lost 5 figures hundreds of times. After I paid all commissions + my time + emotions I am certainly down. But when I calculated my profits when I was sure that something will happen, or when I estimated high probability that it will happen – results are amazingly huge.

What do you mean “I was sure that something will happen”? Here is my story:

I loved forex when I found a nice easy quick trick on how to earn. Don’t worry they fixed it 10 years ago. I was a poor student looking for something. I downloaded Forex platform MT4 and after few days I noticed that there were 3 USA indexes: DJ, S&P500 and NASDAQ. And these indexes behaved similarly. Dow Jones +0,21% and S&P 0,19% almost the same.

Example 1

As you see SP500 was moving correctly, but the price changed every 2-3 seconds when Dow Jones price changed 1-2 times per second. I waited until difference of spread cost was at least covered and I jumped for a free ride. I could not take too much not to be sighted by the broker.

They fixed it after 2 months and after some time I get secret information that only me and other trader found this trick. 2 of several thousands of clients. It was earning with no risk, as you know the price😊 and poor student got 5 figures USD profits. Ha!

Example 2

One year later I found that especially during US non-farm payrolls announcements Dow Jones index drags all world indexes in the same direction. Almost in scale 1:1. Especially when a very good data was published. And I noticed that futures contract reacted immediately, and I was too late to get free fast entry to scalp. But… cash shares changes were slower especially in my country.

Dow Jones 08:30:00 10000 points, Dow Jones 08:30:03 10200 points (+2% in 3 sec.). I found shares changing about 2% 5 second later (08:30:08). I took a loan and next time I did it with 1:10 leverage. Every other month +2% with x10 leverage means +20% without no risk at all – again! Bed data? No Dow Jones increases? Just don’t trade.

During my entire trader career, I found 15 different “tricks” like this. Easy quick money with no risk at all. Almost. I could share much more examples, but I think you got the point.

Why example 1 was possible to execute? Forex was so new that even brokers had to learn how to set up Forex quotations at MT4 platform 10 years ago. I used inaccuracy as I was perceptive.

Why example 2? Because it was during great depression 2007 and markets was so connected and so sensitive. I used this as I was perceptive. Do you think you would find a word about this kind of trades in CNBS or New York Times? Never! They fed you with shit news. What next?

Currently new markets are opening. Huge new market with hundreds of crypto-exchanges and dozens of trading new possibilities. It is still new, believe me. Compare Bitcoin prices on several exchanges you will see what I am talking about (especially when we have huge volatility). Can be 50-100USD difference. Arbitrage? This is small clue. Find right exchange with less experienced traders. Maybe try use futures contracts with leverage at exchange like Bitmex – in my opinion this is the most effective cost exchange to scalp currently. There is something now. No too often but exist and pays a lot if are you patient.

And the last hot example: Binance exchange today announced Tron (TRX) trading competition. What does it mean? Somebody pays to make more volume on TRX. To make it more popular. Guess why? If someone want to win prize first must… buy or sell? What TRX hodlers will do when TRX price comparing to BTC will grow? But this example is more speculation than my favourite no risk deals. This was small clue.

How to learn fast and earn at financial markets a lot of money?

I know plenty of training schools and gurus who show naive students their statements from some forex broker account with enormous profits. Again.

If you are so naive I don’t regret you at all. Go somewhere else, please. First, they can open long and short at two (or more) different accounts and show just this winning one. Secondly, they can ask friends working for forex broker to prepare account with faked history to impress stupid people. I don’t care If somebody is so stupid. Statement means nothing. You have to find your own trick (gold)! I am sure you will not write about it at Reddit :)))

This is enough for now.


Remember just one sentence from this article…

The best traders earn out of the mainstream news and calculate every news from opposite to average point of view.

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