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How to start trading on Bitmex? How to create an account and register - important tips before start.

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The beginning and the first steps on the BitMEX exchange may seem difficult for people who have never been involved in the stock market, futures or Forex.

BitMEX is the largest futures market in the world in terms of turnover. All competition left far behind. Most of our site answers why it is so that investors have fallen in love with the Bitmex platform. First steps on Bitmex - how to start and how the Bitmex exchange works? Create an account with a 10% fee discount.

Creating an account and registration on BitMEX literally in a minute, only your e-mail needed and some name and surname and choose the country of our tax residence. However, Bitmex, there is no obligation to send any information to any tax governments ofices so basically, we are 100% anonymous there. Especially if at the same time you buy and sell Bitcoin for cash using LocalBitcoin exchange.

Bitmex does not have a KYC process because no one directly sends cash here. If you want to save 10% on commissions, it is always worth opening an account on Bitmex using our coupon for discounts. Thanks to the fact that you open an account through our affiliate link you will save a lot on fees. Our entire team has already saved over 5BTC within 20 months of trading. You will never get such a discount if you open a Bitmex account directly through the Bitmex exchange.

What's more, on the Ministry Of Margin Trading website you can find a lot of explanatory materials on how to invest on Bitmex to earn money! We are with you and our entire team is on Bitmex, so if you have any questions, we help all those who have used the coupon and enjoy lower commissions. More about fees and rebates.

How to invest on Bitmex, what cryptocurrencies are available to trade?

On Bitmex, we make a deposit in Bitcoins and we can invest with a leverage on futures like: Bitcoin (3) Bitcoin Cash, Tron (TRX), Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS, Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) . We are dealing with Bitcoins, or for futures contracts for all the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies. It means we deposit in BTC, trade in BTC, earn / lose in BTC and at the end we also withdraw BTC from BitMEX.

Which leverage level do you choose on Bitmex?

This is a very important question. Many novice people deposit too much on Bitmex and speculate with too huge leverage putting themselves at enormous risk. Greedy?  It's best to start with a very small amount of Bitcoins, a maximum of 0.1BTC, and do not use leverage greater than 1:25. Experienced investors are just waiting for novices. Do not get lost, start slowly, read our website and our articles, and after a month you'll be ready to increase the risk. More about leverage on Bitmex.

Are my funds on Bitmex secure? What does the withdrawal look like?

In our opinion, our BTC deposit is even more secure than at home. This may sound like a paradox, but Bitmex keeps all the money in a cold wallet. Bitmex has never been a victim of hackers because it has the most advanced security systems. It was the number one goal for Bitmex, from the very beginning. Withdraws can be made once a day and then it is about 15-20 minutes window, while Bitmex checks if everything is correct.

All members of Ministry Of Margin Trading log in daily one minute before closing the payouts. Just set up alarm clock. If there was a lack of funds or someone would break in, we would immediately write to the Bitmex support in the TrollBox, or directly email them. Then there is always 15-20 minutes when Bitmex keeps freeze the withdrawals from the account at our request.

Of course, this is only our way, maybe you know the better one? In addition, we always withdraw a greater amount of Bitcoins earned.

Ministry Of Margin Trading is always on your side

Please, appreciate that we write a lot about risk and strategies on this website. We are a group of traders who wish you well! See that sometimes other websites encourage trading using only the market order, do not mention that using the limit - you will get commissions!

The Ministry of Margin Trading mission is to educate traders and communicate all the best from our trading experience.

1. Here you will can dig a lot of knowledge about Bitmex, explained in a simple way

2. Here a link to our BitMEX calculator in excel that will teach you how to estimate the risk, how much you can earn, will display what leverage is the most suitable for you and where will be liquidation price.

3. And here is the link to the Bitmex guide in the form of an interview, where you will also find a lot of answers.

This is just the beginning of your path to Bitmex.

Our research shows that the right strategy and investment psychology are crucial. You cannot understand Bitmex without it, because Bitmex has been around for several years, and you would be naive thinking that tomorrow you will defeat the best traders and their transactional bots. Yes, because we're trading on Bitmex against other players. You earn, someone else loses and vice versa.


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