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Bitmex spread size on Bitcoin and Ethereum comapring to Forex - explained

Updated: May 31, 2020

At Bitmex Bitcoin spread in 99% cases is as low as $o,5. Bitmex doesn't earn on spread value as all trades at Bitmex exchange are executed peer to peer like on traditional stocks and futures exchanges. It is a fair deal when you compare Bitmex to Forex brokers like IG or Forex dot com. Bitmex is extremely liquid EXCHANGE that is why in the same time you can buy/sell worth of millions leveraged perpetual contracts (without huge last price change in orderbook).

Bimtex spread on Bitcoin explained: It is even hard to call it spread if we talk about an order book at Bitmex. If the best buy price offer is currently 6666USD you can make sell limit at 6666,5USD. The prices cannot be closer to each other more than 0,5USD and almost always (excluding rapid market movements) it looks like this case. Why is this spread for? To make an order book clear for trades to make a quick decision rather than count pieces of one cent. An order book must be easy to read it at glance. It could be 0.01USD making mess in the order book.

Comparing Bitmex spread vs an average Forex broker the spread and commissions difference is so huge! First of all, Bitcoin spread size on Forex platform is about $100 vs $0,5 at Bitmex.What is more Bitmex doesn't charge anything for holding trade for longer than a day. A Forex broker will charge you a few american dollars of additional commissions.

As Ethereum (ETH) perpetual contract price is much lower than Bitcoin ones. That's why there is olny 0,05USD minimum spread. Ethereum perpetual contracts are becoming more and more liquid. During writing the best price offer to buy Ethereum on Bitmex was $269 and the best to sell $269,10. The same case is with other futures contracts listed at Bitmex - spread depends on cryptocurrency price in USD.

Quite liquid derivates at Bitmex with low spread are also TRON pair TRX/XBT = TRXU18 and Ripple (XRP) giving huge possibilites for trading and scalping.

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