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What is minimum initial deposit to start trading Bitcoin on BitMEX live account?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Bitmex minimum deposit to start is currently equal 0.0001 XBT (10000 Satoshi) it means you can begin you trip with Bitmex with less than 1$. Bitmex does not charge you for depositing into your account. You pay just normal Bitcoin network fee. Please not to make a common mistake which is start BitMEX trading with high deposit! Probability of lose on the beginning is huge as Bitmex platform is a bit complicated.

Ministry of Margin Trading recommend for unexperienced users start with amount of BTC worth about 1-5$ in the first two weeks. It is important. If you click close to your nickname on Bitmex platform you can change display from XBT for Satoshi as it is very useful in the first steps. 0,05 BTC it is 5,000,000 satoshi!

You will see your "depo" on your MEX account in few minutes after 1 confirmation on the Bitcoin network. Keep in mind that BitMEX only accepts Bitcoin as a deposit. You cant not credit you account in fiat currencies like USD GBP or EUR. You can Buy Bitcoins here:

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