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Bitmex alternatives - competitors


PrimeBit is a P2P Bitcoin leveraged exchange: 


1. Leverage up to 200 X

2. MT5 platform

3. Amazing execution during high market changes

4. 20% fees discount with your link

5. When you get REKT you still keep a bit less than 50% of your margin

6. High liquidity

Read more PrimeBit vs BitMEX here.





learn how to trade anonymously bitcoin a



If you want to buy/sell Bitcoins anonymously and quick it is worth to use LocalBitcoin exchange. Finland based company is in the industry for years. How does it work?


1. You sing up with your e-mail. 

2. You chose the amount you want to trade and fiat currency you want to convert.

3. You look for the best price offer from a list of traders in our currency. Keep in mind to find a right trader who allows trading without verification via national bank transfer. It is important to trade with somebody who did a lot of trades so far. Usually when the seller receives money into his bank account releases Bitcoins for you in a minute. 

4. You are free to send Bitcoins through your LocalBitcoin BTC wallet.  

More information and video tutorial about LocalBitcoin trading you will find here:



How to start trading Bitmex anonymously


Bitmex is the biggest world Bitcoin exchange by volume. Trade here with flexible leverage from 1:1 up t0 1:100


1. You sing up without verification on with your e-mail. 

2. You chose a small amount of Bitcoins you want to deposit.

3. You have to learn how Bitmex platform works you welcome to watch our tutorials and videos. Search in knowledge.

4. Start to invest small amounts like 5USD at the beginning 

More information and video tutorial about trading you will find here: