If you want to start earning cash on BitMEX exchange, this is what are you looking for. Find the best strategy for you.


Most of the explained here BitMEX strategies are fast and easy to apply for your trading straight away. Is 34% weekly profit enough for you?

Never gamble again: Many traders are trying to predict (short term) Bitcoin price using ONLY technical analysis, support and resistance, and various types of (stupid and useless) indicators.


It is a trap, pure gambling.


But maybe there is a better strategy to earn more on BitMEX?

Read all 2 strategies, mix it, find something for you!

Learn from our blunders!

Ministry of Margin Trading is a group of experienced traders using currently mainly BitMEX futures exchange - every day for 2 years.

In the first two months, we made a lot of costly mistakes, reading our website you will save tons of money.


Let's analyze all strategies and ideas on how to grow fast your deposit.

Keep in mind that it is not possible just to stick to one strategy forever. It works for a few months and you have to find the next one niche.

Most of the time we mix at least 2-3 strategies during one trading session. 

BitMEX Strategy NR 1 - Scalping Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Scalping on BitMEX exchange is the king of strategies for advanced traders so If you are a beginner just skip for another one.

Using a sharp knife or scalpel, a chef can do amazing dish and surgeons do heart surgery. Somebody else with no experience and knowledge can easily randomly cut your finger or hand.

What is scalping in three bullet points:

A) Don't try to predict price. Don't gamble. You know the next price range just a half-second before it changes on BitMEX platform.

B) Your quick finger is your best friend now: sometimes you open a trade and close it after 2 seconds with 10-20% profits.

C) Take advantage of the fact that there is no just one Bitcoin price worldwide. This is over the counter market (OTC)

D) Spy on the best crypto exchanges with the highest trading volume: orderbooks, last trades, and observe unusual behaviors. 

Why is better to scalp ETH instead of BTC? 10% in 2 seconds?

Don't stick only to the most popular instrument: Bitcoin Perpetual contract. We found that much easier is to scalp Ethereum perpetual contract and here is why:

Scalping is all about small "delays". BTC perpetual in the most traded and very efficient contract with a large amount of scalping sophisticated BOTS. It is extremely hard to beat them.

Step by step guide how to scalp ETH perpetual contract on BitMEX. 

Open 4 windows with 4 Bitcoin exchanges: GDAX, Bitfinex, Binance, and OKEX BTC

ETH price is usually solid glued to BTC price. I mean if BTC gains 2% on a day, ETH gains 1,5% or 3,5%.


ETH price changes follow more or less BTC price changes.


This is not 1:1 and we do have from time to time small aberrations from this rule. Finally, it works in 95% of cases.

Bitcoin price is the most important price driver for ETH, TRX, XRP, BCH, ADA, and so on.


Altcoins usually follow BTC but BTC never follows altcoins! This is the starting point.

This the reason why is much easier to earn on BitMEX just scalping other contracts. 

Ethereum perpetual contracts have good enough liquidity, you can quickly buy/sell up to 5000 contracts at the current price.

The most important fact is that ETH perpetual contract traders are ALWAYS extremely confused.




They not sure if they should keep an eye on BTC price or ETH!  ETH perpetual follows ETH spot price but ETH price follows BTC as well!


And you just take advantage of this to get at least free entry and exit! 

Other words: observe BTC's last price to know where ETH price is going.

This the special table for Ethereum scalpers with break-evens for particular ETH price range to know if there is the point to scalp right now! 


bitmex best eth scalping strategy1.JPG
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bitmex  bestnscalping strategy eth2.JPG

BitMEX Strategy NR 2 - "Just double or lose"

The easiest strategy on Bitmex and the most common one. You don't have time to look at charts for a few hours a day but you have the main idea about direction where price is going. 


Current BTC price: $10.000, you deposit exactly one BTC, leverage 1:1, and you open long 10000 XBT. 

You think: ....ok I suppose that now the price first will go up to $15.000 rather than drop to $5.000. I am right like always then I want to extract more from this money. I want to squeeze a bit more

Check what the calculator estimates for you (leverage 1 means X2)

bitmex easy strategy for beginners.JPG